2015, TRY ME


During my break from blogging, I had been through a quest for change. For a while I had been going through an episode of feeling a little lost, insecure, and negative, like I was drowning. I wasn't feeling hype for anything (now that's a bad sign). One night, I just I couldn't take it anymore, so the next day I took up a new hobby, one that I had said 'no' to before. Its interesting how this one change in my daily routine has influence a brand new perspective. I've noticed I've been motivated to try more things that I have said no too before and so far I have been experiencing positive results.  

For those of you who known me for a while, its quite obvious that my new do is a dramatic leap of change, for the (embarrassingly vain) fact that I have always been attached to my long hair. This blog is actually somewhat name after it (yeah, judge me). Although this visual change is so simple, I feel different; energized, lighter (obviously) and just more free. I think its a great complement to how I feel about life right now. 

Seeing that it is the new year and I'm sure we all have resolutions, here's some advice to feel more empowered to move forward with your goals!  


The long term ones at least. Recently, my brother shared this

TED talk with me and it really put things in perspective. For those who don't have three minutes to spare, the speaker reveals that studies show that those who openly share their goals are less likely to achieve them. This is due to that fact that we share our goals with those who will give us positive feedback. Once hearing this positive feedback, we feel the emotional satisfaction like we would  achieving it, resulting in us not carrying out the plan to execute it. 

2.) 21 DAYS

It takes 21 days to develop a new habit. Most of my goals for this year and life in general have to deal with new habits. So if you want to start working out, waking up earlier or eating healthier, it takes less than a month for it to become part of your lifestyle. Personally, knowing this makes goals seem a lot more attainable since time has been surprisingly going by fast. 


You need to be your own hype(wo)man. Some people have personal mantras they repeat while starring at the mirror. I like to surprise myself with post its. You could get 'fancy' and just sent up reminders on your phone, but it can be easily dismissed. If you are really creative, the placement of the post its can be a great daily reminder and motivation. If there's a drawer you open everday before work, stick a note in there. I think sometimes we get so caught up in being social and maintaining relationships that we forget about nurturing the relationship we have with ourselves. 


And by Zen, I mean more patient when achieving our goals. I'm guilty of this. I feel like my slogan since birth has always been "aint nobody got time for that." I want change now. I want results now. Creating a positive lifestyle, mindset, relationships, skills, is ironically a lot harder than creating negative ones. But if we keep ourselves motivated enough, forever will only seem like a second. 

For example, I want to learn how to do calligraphy. I've come across "learn how to do calligraphy in 5 days tutorials," however, i'm so impatient I set out to do it in one day. The results weren't too bad (the title on the image above).  However, I want to do more intricate designs, so of course I do need to study the art more and maybe even take a class. Be patient. 

I've always felt more empowered and energized by change and it helps that I'm an impulsive person (not for shopping tho). I encourage you all to try something new as well. Just try it once. Say yes to something you would normally say no and see what happens. 

In terms of Mermaids & Desires, this past month, I have been inspired by design blogs and have decided that I want to share more of my personal work as a designer. So I look forward in creating more content to hopefully further inspire you all. 


and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! 

photography by Rocio Robles


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