Now that the polar vortex is whispering its arrival, nothing feels better than hiding behind a chunky sweater. However, with all of the layers to protect us from the chill (its snowing in Chicago already), sometimes I can't help but feel shapeless and bummy. Recently, I have been wearing bralettes as a way to feel feminine and sexy behind big knits and layers. With my addiction to Pinterest, I came across a simple DIY bralette tutorial by

Project 22

 and decided to try it out and share here on the blog. 


Material Needed: Lace Material / Garment rolling blade / Bra straps / White color pencil / Elastic / Sewing pins / Bra Clasps /Black Thread / Sewing Needle / 

Bra Pattern

 / Sewing machine (optional) 


Pin the pattern onto the lace material. It might be tricky to find nice lace material that doesn't stretch so, I recommend using material from a blouse or in this case an old skirt.  Make sure to add 1 inch seam allowance around the pattern. 


Don't forget to flip the pattern for the right cup.  After cutting out the fabric with a garment blade the pieces should look like this. Since I wanted the design to focus on the bottom of the bust for this bralette, I had cut off the trim. However, after trial and error, I realized its better to leave the decorative trim so the thread won't start to fray. 


Sew along the curved edges. To measure the elastic band, wrap the band around the bottom of your bust and use the white pencil to mark the measurements. For a more accurate measurement, use a measuring band. Based on personal preference, you can have the cups overlap or apart. I think there's something seductive (almost la perla like) with separated cups, so I opted for that design. Use a single stitch to secure the cups onto the elastic band first. Once you are certain that you have them in the correct (balanced) location then use a zig-zag stitch.  This will keep the cups secured during wear and stretching. 


Add bra clasps to the end of the elastic band.  Try the bralette to test the fitting and placement of the clasp before thoroughly sewing the clasps on. 


From the left over material, cut about 2 inches from the trim. The width of the trim is up to you. After trying it on, I like how the trim looked when it was aligned with the cups, however the trim continuing on the sides looks great as well. 


Finally sew the bra straps on about 2 to 2.5 inches away from the bra clasps (adjust to your own preference). 

I wish I could show you a picture wearing this lace bralette, it looks so hot on! 

Have fun making this bralette and I hope you feel great wearing it!