Personally, Sunday is a day I use to whine down and mentally prepare myself for the beginning of the week. Whether its the morning or the evening, I make sure to pamper myself for at least 15 mins. During the week, I find myself brainstorming, daydreaming and contemplating all of the tasks I need to complete. Sometimes, its good to shut off your mind. For those who see time as money, it can be as easy as using a scrub or applying a clay mask.  

Recently, I came across the new Boots Botanic skincare brand that is now available at Target. Their formula carries plant extract which is a great alternative to Lush Cosmetics. I recently purchase the

Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask

which removes dirt buildup and oils, leaving the skin unbelievably smooth. Its a great cop for Love Lettuce from Lush (my favorite mask). If you prefer your skincare products to have all natural ingredients, Lush has a wide selection of facial masks, each dedicated to battle various skin problems. Don't forget the cucumbers! Cucumbers restore moisture around your eyes, reducing redness, or puffiness. Seeing that it is getting chilly, we need all of the moisture we can get. 

If masks are not your cup of tea, try scrubs such as

Frank Body Scrub


Lush Ocean Salt

which I have previously reviewed. And for those of you who have no chill, just mix a

cucumber vodka drink

 (its so delicious and refreshing),  you might need it for the week ahead.