I can't stress enough how important eyebrows are in framing a person's face. I feel so strongly, that below are some quick tips on how to fill in your eyebrows and maintain their shape. Typically behind the lens, Rocio is our model for this tutorial since she has the fiercest eyebrows that I have eva seen! Doesn't her skin look amazing?? And she's not wearing a drop of makeup! 


Whether you just got your eyebrows freshly waxed/threaded or you are letting them grow out for a new shape, wax is a great way to keep the hair in place. If you usually pencil in your eyebrows, wax works as a primer and allows the pigment to last longer. However, don't apply too much! You don't want your eyebrows to look flat or oily. That just wouldn't look cute.  


To avoid intense looking eyebrows, with your angled brow brush swipe a suitable brow powder and line the bottom of your eyebrow as shown above. Then using the powder from the line you created brush upward. 


By feathering the eyebrow powder in an upward motion, the strokes are less noticeable, creating a natural finish. Remember, practice, practice, practice! Applying makeup, especially filing in your eyebrows is similar to painting. Unless, you are an intermediate artist, you want to start off with soft strokes.  


"But my eyebrows are thin, I need more direction for creating a shape?" 

Eyebrow stencils are a great way to learn how to define your eyebrows especially if you have thin eyebrows and you want them thicker. In the picture above, Rocio had used a stencil to fill in her eyebrows, so you can see the difference. As you fill in your eyebrows, blend them out with a spoolie wand. Most eyebrows pencils have one attached. I highly recommend the Benefit Instant Brow Pencil. It has a clay consistency which allows for a natural finish and stays in place

 in comparison to other brow pencils that smudge easily. 

"I want a new look, new me, therefore I want new eyebrows. What should I do?"


of us have probably gone through the phase of over tweezing our eyebrows or we simply want a new shape. I've changed the shaped to my eyebrows more often than my hairstyle and it does reveal a dramatic difference in your appearance. However, when we are growing out our eyebrows we tend to feel self conscious, like everyone is judging our untamed brows. Simply line the bottom of our eyebrows with a light concealer and blend in a downward motion. It's like giving your eyebrows an instant fade. You have no idea how many times I have tricked people! 

"Okay, I grew out my eyebrows, now what?"

Honestly, go to a professional. I've never gotten my eyebrows threaded and I like the results from waxing. For the past 3 years I have gone to the Benefit Brow Bar throughout the city. It is pricer than most salons ($20), but its worth the investment. At most Benefit locations, they offer free brows for your birthday, just let them know when you schedule your appointment. If you live in Chicago, I highly recommend Gerri from the Benefit Brow Bar at Macy's in Water Tower. She will HOOK YOU UP! She does Rocio's eyebrows as well!

If you don't want to do waxing often for fear of sagging skin, you could always go once, and then keep them clean by tweezing at the first sign of hair. 

Hope this advice helps! If you have any beauty questions comment below!