August Style Stoplight


This past month, I had the opportunity to reconnect with friends I hadn't seen in a while. I decided to feature them on my blog under this month's Style Spotlight Series that I plan on posting once a month. Each person featured on this edition of the series are young creatives and I highly recommend you check out their work. 


Annette Guzik! 

Rockin her high ponytail; a homage to the 90's grudge movement. I love her contrast of edge and sweetness with her bicycle in the last photo. Annette has always had a knack for incorporating great vintage pieces in her looks. Besides her sweet meets grudge style, she is a talented artist and does great henna designs! She has decorated my hands a few times and she does the designs so quickly its really amazing. Check out her instagram to check out more of her looks and henna work




Sam Rangel!

 I've known Sam since high school and I can testify she has always had a fierce sense of style. She also incorporates great vintage pieces in her looks and seamlessly blends pieces from luxury/boutique brands. Low key, I always looked forward to catching her on the train in the morning to our design classes during college. Besides her great eye for style, Sam is also a talented photographer and designer. She has the gift of capturing the most simplest moments and adding a twist of humor. Just check out her colorful feed on Instagram 


!  Almost everyday she has a mini adventure. 


Carmen Henry!

A fellow style blogger, I met up with the sweet Carmen to shoot some looks for her blog



I love how she incorporates patterns into most of her looks. Patterns are something I hope to slowly incorporate into my wardrobe. However, I'm not a morning person, so simple colors make the process of getting ready so much easier. Check out her Instagram as well