I have tried foundations and primers from almost every luxury brand and this time around I wanted to give the Sephora Collection face products a try. 

Sephora Collection 10HR Wear Perfection Foundation ($20)

In the past couple of weeks, this foundation has proven to be a great selection for the summer weather. The consistency is lightweight and feels a lot more breathable than Clinque. This foundation allows for a natural finish; making it less noticeable that I am wearing makeup. I've even trick my boyfriend (twice). You can build your coverage from medium to full with just a few droplets which is a great plus since less product is being used. I've also noticed that this product evens out my skin tone, so I find myself using less concealer. 

Sephora Collection Silicone Free Foundation Primer ($15)

We all know that primer is a must for a great finish and for a long-lasting makeup look. As much as I loved the finish my Smashbox Photo Finish Primer provided, it was leaving my face too oily (after a few hours) and was out of my budget range. This water based primer is ideal for oily or combination skin like myself. It is also lightweight, a dramatic difference from my previous primer. I wore both the foundation and primer for a couple of nights of dancing and Pitchfork and I saw a dramatic difference in the pictures. I would share the photos here, buuuuut they are a bit incriminating. For $15 bucks this primer is a great alternative from the cult favorites! 

Sephora Collection Translucent Setting Powder ($16)

Setting powders allow your makeup to stay matte for longer and are great for touch ups throughout the day. This setting powder is ok-ay. I don't use setting powders often, so I don't have much of an opinion. However, I am greatly fond of the packaging. The container has a small slit allowing for only a small amount of product to penetrate through. Other containers have several small holes (like Makeup Forever/Bobbi Brown) and that creates a headache of a mess. 


Sephora has a new device that detects your skin color based on the Pantone Skin Color Chart. So it makes it really easy to find a suitable color. Even if you are interested in trying a different brand, I still recommend going to Sephora to find your accurate Pantone skin color match. Nothing is more frustrating that finding out your foundation is too dark or too light (got a dark skin friend look like Michael Jackson, got a light skin friends look like Michael Jackson *in Kanye's voice: hahaha). 

This is not a sponsored review.