Earlier in the summer, I kept coming across white tees with eccentric cuts that unfortunately were unreasonably priced. So, I decided to make my own. Check out the DIY below for more details on how to cut a basic tee into an asymmetrical shirt. 



1.) Cotton tee that is two sizes bigger. A larger size will allow the design to create an effortless chic draping on almost any silhouette. I recommend using a shirt with a thicker cotton so there is more structure to the design. A men's T-shirt will work the best! For this tutorial I used a men's tee from

American Apparel


 2.) Garment rolling blade 3.) Ruler. I learned a T-Square works the best. 4.)Washable marker or garment chalk. 5.) Healing Board. 6.)Optional: A piece of cardboard the same width as the shirt. 


First, try on the oversized shirt and take note how it drapes on your body. Lay the shirt flat on the healing board. My tee didn't have a hem line on the side so I inserted a piece of cardboard. I didn't want the shirt to be cut too short so I drew a mark five inches below the sleeve.This measurement can be adjusted based on the length of your torso. 


Trace the side of the shirt from the mark to the bottom of the shirt. Repeat that step for the alternate side. Your shirt should have two lines drawn; one on either side of the torso. 


Place a ruler along the line which will work as a guide. I'm a perfectionist so I like to make markings and use a ruler. Then, cut along the side of your ruler using your garment rolling blade. You can use scissors, but a rolling blade will give you a cleaner cut. This will create the side slits of the shirt. Repeat this step for the second line. 


Now, adjust the shirt on the board so that front of the shirt is folded up and the back of the shirt is facing you. Only the back side of the shirt should be placed on the healing board. Measure seven inches from the bottom of the shirt and create a marking.


Repeat this step two more times and connect the markings. Cut along the markings for the back side of the shirt.


Flip the tee so the front of the shirt is facing you and fold that back side up or behind the healing board. Now, make a diagonal line from the top of the left side slit to the bottom corner of the right side of the shirt. 


Cut along the line. I felt that the sleeves were a bit too long for my taste so I rolled them up twice and quickly passed a thread. And Voila! 


If you create this shirt let me know how it works out! Hit me up on Instagram


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 and tag me in your DIY asymmetrical tee pics. I would love to see them! 

Shout out to Rocio for suggesting this design! Muah!