Now that it has gotten warmer, I find my self more in a hurry than usual. There is so much I want to do in one day, that its become a challenge to get ready for after work activities. Typically, I wear little to no makeup for work. If I wear makeup in the morning thru the evening, I find that even after setting mists or primers, my makeup still wears off after 8 hours and my face then appears oily. Although I am fully aware that there are products to freshen up your face, I prefer to touch up after work. For the past month, I have been playing around with products to find the best essentials that condense the beauty ritual and are practical. Here are some products I recommend!

1.) Not only do I recommend every woman to own at least one Naked Palette,

Naked Basics

from Urban Decay is a necessity! All matte eye shadows, this compact palette has all the shades you need to achieve anything from a smoky eye or a sultry natural look. I've been using only matte shadows for a long time and this is the palette that has helped me achieve all of my looks. I usually use Naked 2 or Faint and pat that all over my eyelid for an effortless smokey eye. 

2.) Personally, I think eyebrows are very important. Your eyebrows frame our face, especially if you wear glasses. Filling in your brows can be intimidating and requires a lot of practice. The

Benefit Cometics Instant Brow Pencil

makes is super easy to fill in your brows. Compare to other brow pencils that smear (especially in the heat) Instant Brow has a clay consistency which allows for a natural finish and stays in place. The brush on the pencil allows you to blend the product, so there is no excuses for chola looking brows. [I'll be posting a brow tutorial sometime this month. I have too much to say about brows.]

3.) Whether you are coming from work, the gym or you simply want to freshen up your face,

9 to 5

from Lush Cosmetics is a must have! You simply use this cream to wipe your face clean with a cotton pad and you're go to go! Absolutely no water is needed! This product has orchid and almond oil to cleanse and freshen up the complexion and can also be used as a makeup remover. 

4.) Now if you are still not a fan of brow pencils, you can use Faint or Crave from Naked Basics to fill in your brows with the help of

Anastasia's Brow Stencils

. The stencil kit comes with several brows shapes and sizes. Just choose the one that's closest to your brow and lightly fill them it!

5.) I don't like carrying a lot of brushes, because I'll just end up losing them. However, a necessary brush to carry is a stipling or foundation brush. My current favorite is

Sonia Kashuk's Flat Top Foundation Brush

from her spring collection. Unlike other round foundation brushes that leave brushstrokes on your face, the flat top creates an airbrush affect. 

6.) As I mentioned before on the blog, its a good idea to switch foundations with the change of climate. During this season, my face gets oilier so I opt for a lighter foundation. Since, I wouldn't take my everyday/luxury foundation outside my home, a cheaper alternative is great for a makeup bag. It was my first time trying a drugstore foundation and I am impressed! This

Fit Maybelline Foundation Stick

, provides quick and medium coverage, so I don't have to worry about it smearing off. I highly recommend carrying a foundation stick because there is no mess and you don't waste the product. 

7.) You never want your makeup look to give the impression that you're in a hurry, so some  enhancement on certain features help.

Benefit's Watt's Up Highlighting Stick

gives you a natural glow look in seconds. Just apply on the top of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and cupid's bow and blend, blend, blend with your finger. 

If you do carry a makeup bag yourself, I highly advise that you don't carry very expensive or your favorite/already discontinued/collab products. Trust me, from someone who has been heartbroken many times. If you are taking a makeup bag, it usually means you're in a hurry; there is a possibility you can loose a product, it can melt, break or in many cases, like my dumbass, I forget to twist the lipstick or foundation stick down and I smash the product against the cap. I'm telling you, too many tears... Anyways, I hope this post helps!