So, I was cleaning out my closet again, and as I was shifting things around to accomondate for the warmer season, I came across some pieces that give me a few laughs. Some band shirts, funky shoes and my Puuuuuuuuuuumas Skyyyyyyyyyys from hiiiiiigh school (2008) which were really a throwback. Although there were some pieces I readily sorted to donate, some I felt I should give one last chance.  A couple years back, I did the 30 pieces/30 challenge inpsired by Sydney (from the DAYBOOK BLOG) with a few friends and it was a lot of fun. We chose only thirty pieces of clothing and shoes (accessories were not included) to wear for thirty days. It definitely motivated us to be creative and encourage an appreciation for things we already had. Thus, we saved a lot of money, which was great since I was a college student at the time.

I was considering doing the challenge for this month, Hoooowever... lately I've been having commitment issues. So instead, I decided I would incorporate eight throwback pieces for the month of May. Maybe I guuuess, this will encourage me to limit my shoe purchases. hahaha I mean, no.