Pajarito del amor

Just like many things in my closet, I've been


to wear this neoprene skirt since the fall. Since neoprene is somewhat of a stiff material, I decided to balance it out with a chiffon blouse. The nude pink and white pieces were a great base to introduce a subtle hint of mermaid; the mint baby purse. You know I can't forget the hint of mermaid. I really like this color palette because it expresses the right amount of youthfulness, which is a concern for me since I am constantly told I look fifteen. I guuuuess that's a compliment. 

Chiffon Blouse | Nasty Gal 

White Neoprene Skirt | Zara 

Nude Heeled Sandals | Zara 

Mint Purse | Forever 21 

Song of the Day: Pajarito del Amor | Carla Morrison y Natalia Lafourcade

Despite how romantic the rifts sound, the nostalgic cries of the vocals for some reason captures the beginning of spring for me. Maybe its the rain during this time of year, that not only brings optimism, but also leaves a slight river of sorrows that were washed away from the lost dreams of winter. Carla can do that to you tho. 

If you are a fan of Carla just as much as I am, check out the pics I took of her