Photos by Donato Castro 

Recently, I've been inspired by one of my favorite blogger 

Brunette Braid

 and her Ready to Wear series. She incorporates basic pieces for outfits that are easy to coordinate for those hectic mornings. I know that I am guilty of running errands in joggers or some other toe up outfit while praying oh so hard, that I don't bump into someone I know. Its the weekend, I work hard during the week; the last thing I want to think about during a Saturday morning is if my outfit will be approved by the fashion gods. So recently, I decided all of this has to stop. Therefore, I'll be calling my series Weekend Morning Wear focusing on comfort, for those weekend days that you might feel just too tired (hungover or lazy) too look cute. I hope this series will motivate me to GET IT TOGETHER (a clap for each syllable ) and you as well. 


I wore my favorite sweater dress, that is lightweight and comfortable which I have featured before on the blog. I just love the versatility of this dress! I paired it with my squeaky clean pair of Nike Free for a sporty look. Although I originally bought them to start the training season with a fresh pair (and to match with my best friend), I have been digging the clean look so much that I have yet to used them for a run. haha. And of course, as a hint of mermaid, I wore a mint beanie and lilac socks to add a bit of playfulness. 

Midi Sweater Dress Dress | Akira 

Running Shoes | Nike 

Mint Green Beanie | American Apparel 

Double V Layered Chevron Necklace |


Song of the Day: Elephants | Warpaint

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Warpaint at Metro. Although Undertow has BEEN my favorite song from them, when I heard them play Elephants, I was won over. I'll be posting a concert review for Warpaint and Julieta Venegas some time this week.