Photos by Oralis Moreno

On Sunday when these photos were taken, it was 25 degrees (Mother Nature is playin). I woke up faced with a decision. Do I wanna look cute or do I want to be warm? I decided I wanted to be warm, being cute can wait (I guuuess). Although I just wore all black and a brown coat, like almost every blogger on this longitude has worn, I wanted to stress that small details such as the mirror heeled boots can enhance any outfit. For me, its definitely how you wear your clothes that projects style. You can have on a basic white tee, but that doesn't mean you'll look basic. So although I was wearing black jeans and a black turtleneck, I felt pretty confident (aka fierce) wearing them.

Its been a real minute since I've been in East Pilsen (although ironically I work in Pilsen) and I was excited to shoot my friend for her new project that she'll be launching on Instagram soon. Meanwhile, check her out on twitter


Coat | Target 

Black Turtleneck | Zara

Black Jeans | Zara

Mirror Heeled Boots | Cooperative 

Purse | Aldo 

Song of the Day: Brother | Mac DeMarco

Just came across this song today and I dig it. Something about the vocals embodies how I feel about this bipolar weather.