Currently, I'm digging the ear cuff trend. These past couples of weeks I was on a mission to find the winged crystal ear cuff design and finally I was able to find some. This trend adds edge to any outfit. Personally, the ear cuff looks great for a causal outfits. The only caution I do need to mention is that not all designs compliment a persons ear. Some designs can make you look like an elf, or might seem to exaggerated. I have a small ear, so most designs I came across with did not look cute. Not only does this accessory vamp up the simplest outfit, it also compliments the simplest hairstyling, side swept hair, bun or even a pony tail.

Ryan Storer

is a famous jeweler who has captured the hearts of celebrities and fashion designers with his gorgeous earpieces and has been the inspiration behind this current trend.  I recommend that you  check out his collection. Seriously works of art!