Winter Skin care TIPS

 Featured above: Ocean Salt | Lush, Lip Exfoliator| E.L.F., Ro's Argan Body Conditioner | Lush 

Earlier this month, many of you might have committed to living a healthier lifestyle as a New Year's Resolution. Personally, this included healthier looking skin. Spring (and then summer) will be coming faster than we think, at least I'm praying so, and a beach bod will only be complete with smooth skin. You could be rockin' the hottest trends this spring, but if your skin is STILL ashy, it is not going to work (mmmkay). These past couple of months I've been playing around with skincare products and here are some tips.


Let's keep it 100 (maybe 300). During the chilly season, some of us are inclined to shower less. We don't sweat as much, I get it. However, we have to keep in mind that when we do shower, we at least exfoliate once a week. Exfoliating is KEY if we want to achieve flawless looking skin, since we are removing dead skin cells and then allowing new skin to resurface. This might seem pretty basic. Some dermatologist recommend exfoliating twice a month during the winter to retain more oils for the skin. Personally, I do it once a week because I enjoy the refreshing feeling. 

Ocean Spray

from Lush Cosmetics is gold when it comes to exfoliators


Use this with

Dream Cream

(a moisturizer from Lush) and you'll feel like a goddess. Caution, Ocean Spray can be a little intense for those who have sensitive skin like myself. I recommend using Ocean Spray for the body and

St. Ives Apricot Scrub

for the face. Second caution, if your skin is dry or you have not been moisturizing as often, exfoliating will sting. To avoid the stinging, heavily moisturize days before you plan to exfoliate, or try

Ro's Argon Body Conditioner

 a day or two beforehand. 

Don't forget your lips!

E.L.F.'s Lip Exfoliator

, is great to touch up our lips on the go! Again, you can have a YSL lipstick on with the whitest teeth, but if your lips are peeling it is not cute. The

Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

 is greatly recommended by my best friend and Lush cult users! 


Moisturizing is also key for obtaining great skin. Dermatologist recommend applying lotion within the three minutes that you are out of the shower. Our pores are open and will lock in the lotion the best during this time slot. 

Heavy body lotions such as

Dream Cream


are ideal for our skin during this season. For sensitive skin,

Aveeno Lotions

are good alternatives.  Protecting your face is obviously the most important part of moisturizing. If you feel like splurging then

Benefit Cosmetics Total Moisture Facial Cream


Clinque's Youth Surge

  are great options. However, Clinque's is a bit oily. Benefit's Total Moisture is one of the best moisturizer I have tried thus far. However, its a bit too heavy for the summer, so I advise swamping it out when the season comes. If you don't feel like splurging, you can never go wrong with


. Again, based on my skin type (combination skin) Pond's is great for the winter/spring. However, I tend to break out when using it during the summer, so the right moisturizer depends on the season and your skin type. 

And of course, we cannot forget about our hands! I'm guilty of ashy hands and we have to keep in mind that our hands and neck give away our age (or age us) if not properly moisturized.

Helping Hands

is a heavy duty hand lotion. Apply it once and you won't have to apply it again after three washes. 


To some degree, our skin is a reflection of what we eat (intake). I'm still not a fan of the greens, (I know, what am I five?), however I try to make up for it with fruits. There are some vitamins that contribute to healthier looking skin, however I haven't tried them yet. Once I do, I'll post some suggestions.

Hope this helps! I expect to see pics of you killin' it with flawless looking skin in the coming months.