//Turtleneck Sweater: Zara//Black High Waisted Pants: H&M// High Knee Heeled Leather Boots: Ivanka// 

What shall someone do to stay fashionable and warm? 

These past couple of weeks, Chicago has been hit with continuous amount of snowfall, (today we're experiencing a blizzard). 

The cold weather can interfere with a person's fashion choices. However, despite the temperature drop in Chicago, I chose to layer my pieces to ensure warmth and used the color of my coat to enhance the outfit. The turtleneck sweater adds sophistication as well as the black knee high boots that also  has gold detailing matching the coat. I wanted the color of my coat to be the attention grabber so I used subtle colors to compliment it. 

Photo Credit :

Rocio Robles

 | Instagram: @rozaeey

Song of the Day: O'Donoju | I Can Chase Dragons! 

My New Year's resolutions is to see this man! I missed him for a free show back in August, (jerk announced the show a few hours before; that's okay tho, I forgive you). I MUST SEE HIM IN 2014.