Memorial Fields

What was originally going to be a chill Sunday with my best friend, ended up being quite eventful. My friend and I checked out a live taping of Yuck's performance at JBTV. She's a huge fan and I'm glad I as able to join her, seeing that we snoozed in buying a ticket for their Lincoln Hall performance. Surprising, Chicago offers many opportunities to see well know bands fo' free for which I am very grateful. Of course, you just need to be in the look out. I recommend following venues, magazines and bands to get exclusive updates on Twitter, Facebook and even picking up some newspapers (New City, Chicago Reader). 

Since it wasn't that chilly today, I decided to sport my leather cap I received as a gift. It adds a sophisticated touch to a casual outfit. SHOUT OUT TO ORALIS FOR HOOKING ME UP!

  //Leather Cap: Gifted// Coat: Target// Knit Sweater: Zara// Slim Boyfriend Jeans: Forever21//

Sundays are usually laid back days for me since I have to mentally prepare myself for the next day of work. So I tend to focus my attention on comfort when selecting my outfit. Instantly, this morning I reached for my favorite sweater and the most comfortable pair of jeans I own. Not shown were the only sneakers I own (some baby blue plaid Pumas from 2006 ha!) which got filthy from the brown slush. Wicker Park, ya'll dirty, ya'll need to shovel.

Photo Credit: Oralis Moreno

Song of the day: Memorial Fields | Yuck