Holiday Makeup Gift Guide

Besides music, I can talk about makeup for hours. During college, I was a makeup enthusiast; wearing a smoky eye during my 8am class (yeah, I was that B) and trying out almost every collection or collab released. So I figured it would be fitting to include a makeup gift guide for my 12 days of Christmas series. Here are some of my holiday gift suggestions that I believe are affordable, or a beauty must for your loved ones! 

Just like painting, brushes are just as important as the makeup. I've own this travel kit for four years since its release and all of the brushes are still intact. The quality of brushes in my opinion surpass those of MAC Cosmetics and Sephora, which shed often or are not glued properly. It may seem expensive for a set of brushes but it is more affordable than a $30 brush from MAC. This kit has everything you need to create the perfect smoky eye or a flawless skin look. 

There's been several times that I wanted to treat my friends to a lovely perfume. However, perfume is a sensitive gift especially if you don't have an clue if they like light or musky scents. This sampler will allow them to try all of Sephora's best selling fragrances. Once they have decided, they can use their coupon included in the sampler that will allow them to buy a full size version of their favorite fragrance.

As a loyal fan of Urban Decay Cosmetics, a makeup guide would not be complete without including the Naked palette. As some of you may know, the Naked 3 was release online Wednesday. After owning the Naked palettes I can honestly say I have not purchased another eyeshadow since. Although Naked 3 does not include any grey shadows (unlike the other palettes), natural or smoky eyes will look gorgeous with these highly pigmented and incomparable shades. 

I have been in the quest for the perfect foundation for quite some time and I have finally found the right one. Besides its creaminess, this foundation will leave a velvety finish. Unlike most foundations that require numerous layers for full coverage, this product requires a light application for a full coverage/flawless look. So my skin is still able to breathe. Since it would be hard select the shade for a person, I recommend this gift for someone you are close with or yourself. 
With everything that is included in the case, this is a great gift for a friend who likes to glam up for a night out or someone who is constantly on the go. After this case, they'll be just as hooked with Urban Decay as I am. 

Brows, brows, brows!  Brows MUST always be on point (beauty law). They define a person's face. However, fulling in your eyebrows can be intimidating and require a lot of practice. This brow kit makes the procedure extremely easy by including various stencils that will guide you in defining your shape. 

Although the Naked palettes have all of the shades of brown you could possibly need, this matte eyeshadow palette has all of the shade you can not live with out. For those sultry looks, or a soft and sexy smokey eye, I often use this palette for formal occasions. 

Great stocking stuffer with the versatile range of colors. This collection will compliment any look from grudge to glam or just natural. 
Another great stocking stuffer and a MUST for your girlfriends that like to stunt with their eye makeup. This product will keep their eye makeup intact, even after a concert or a night dancing at the club.  Everyone knows creased eyeshadow is not cute. 

Pssst. Sephora has a promotion for Beauty Insiders till Sunday ($15 off of $50)!

 Stay tuned for more 12 days of Christmas posts!