Golden Light

//Turtleneck, Sweater Pencil Skirt & Boots : Zara //

From crop tops to turtlenecks... 

Comfortable, simple and mostly importantly warm, this outfit makes dressing up in the chilly mornings a lot easier. The blue turtleneck is a great accent to the outfit. Both clothing items are pretty affordable, the turtleneck was $16.90 and the skirt $25, a personal triumph for a store that could be pricey. I should have added a necklace, for more texture. I just feel like my big hair is enough as an accessory. Next time... 

Song of the Day :

Golden Light | Twin Shadow

For y'all who don't know, I'm in love with George Lewis Jr. I don't have enough time to express the profound appreciation I have for his music or the perfect words that can describe the magnitude of his beauty ( Ay Papi, (get cho), but I will later on my blog. Maybe he'll be a Fierce Friday post. I haven't done one in a real minute. 

Photo Credit :

Rocio Robles