All of the Above

 // Sweater: Forever 21// Jeans: H&M // Kickass Boots: Call It Spring//

Feeling like a country girl...

Today,  I did a photo shoot for the band 

You Are Here

 and I am ecstatic to share the interview and photos I took to promote their new EP. My friends are doing big thangs and I highly recommend you check their music out! The photo shoot was held at Swallow Cliff Woods, a forest preserve on the outskirts of the city. I've been a city girl all my life and have not venture much into nature. So it was refreshing to explore such a beautiful landscape that had a depth of color and dimension that is not typical of an urban setting. 

I wore this chunky sweater because I thought it was going to be chilly (stupid app) and my kick-ass boots to stomp on snakes. Those boots are soooo old; we've been through some good times though. 

Stay tune for the pics of the stylish men from

You Are Here

 later this week!

Photo Credit: Leo Prado and Rich Contreras

Song of the Day: All of the Above | You Are Here