Quick Halloween Costume Idea: Masquerade Mask

//Masquerade Mask: H&M //Baroque Crop Top: A'GACI// Skirt: Forever 21// 
//Chain Strapped Heels: Steve Madden//

Halloween is almost here y'all! 

I take Halloween costume making somewhat seriously (okay, seriously).  However, I am aware that not many people (especially a few of my friends) would fully commit to a costume (wearing a wig, face paint, obnxious attire that'll probably get you feature on People of the CTA). Sooo, I gueeeess for those of you who essentially want to "do you" for your costume, a masquerade mask is a great option. 

I found this felt mask at H&M for $5.95 (better than most costumes stores) and will flatter almost any outfit. Complemented with the ornate crop top, black skirt and my favorite party heels, this Halloween outfit is great for the club scene, lounge or Halloween party. Of course we got to keep it classy; staying away from the official Halloween rule mandated by Mean Girls. 

For the face I suggest adding a red lip (your smile/lips is always an accessory: get cho)  and glamorous fake lashes to make your eyes pop. 

Hope this helps! Have fun!