In the Fall

//Blouse: H&M // Vest: Sam Edelman // Auburn Pencil Skirt: Zara // Boots: Zara // 

I literally live next to train tracks, might as well have a photo shoot on one. 

In person, the skirt is auburn, a color I'm really digging for fall. The vest adds sophistication to the overall outfit and ties the black boots together well.  I am obsessed with these boots and have been wearing them often. They are comfortable and have an appropriate heel for daily activities. 

Fun Fact: The skirt, blouse and boots together cost less then my vest (actually a jacket). Personally, I'm new to the idea of "investing" in a clothing piece. I'll been living under the struggle for so long, (you know, college student mentally) that I can't seem to pull out my Hello Kitty debit card to throw down on just a single clothing piece. Lately, I've been compromising and figured a jacket would be a good item to invest. You can imagine that it took me a good minute to do so. The jacket has removable leather sleeves (hence the vest pictured above), so I figured it would be similar to buying two jackets (college student mentally). Personally, I would advise reading the labels of items that you are planning on investing in. Sometimes, you might be drawn to certain pieces because of the label or designer however, the material might not make it worth it. 

Photo Credit: Rocio Robles

Song of the Day:

In the Fall | Future Islands

Fall brings a subtle scent of nostalgia in the air. Ironically, every year I start a new chapter in my life during this season; a rushed reminder to move on. This song brings out that feeling.