//Black Turtleneck: Zara // Tartan Blue Skirt: Forever 21// Belt: Target // Leather Heeled Boots: Zara//

Tucked in or tucked out?

A couple of weeks ago, I was (again) cleaning out my closet and I found this awesome blue tartan skirt. I wore this skirt once since high school. There are three things wrong with that:

1.) " Zaing, how much clothes do you have? You need to get organize girl! Donate some clothes or            sumthing."

2.) "Gurl do you even eat? How is it that you have the same waist as you did in high school?"

3.) "If that skirt was buried so deep in yo' closet and you didn't notice it for years, you cleeearly have a

      shopping problem." Maybe. Shut up.

Obviously, I am breaking the  #1 closet rule. If you haven't worn it for a year, its no longer yours.


Lately, I have been attempting to wear all of my "vintage" pieces before giving them away. I have been inspired by my boyfriend (the ultimate minimalist) to condense my closet. Not only does this give me another excuse to shop (I know, pathetic) I can finally achieve the closet I always wanted. That is, full of classic pieces that I can coordinate with more that one item. In comparison to a closet overloaded with trends that may only last a few months or one season; clearly a waste of money and space.

Anyways, back to the outfit.

For fall and winter you'll be seeing me rock a lot of turtlenecks. Not only are they a great alternative to cardigans or chunky sweaters, turtlenecks add a sophisticated touch to an outfit.  Some might say its too conservative or granny like. However, if you balance it out by showing some leg like I did above, it will add some edge.

Annnd, I saw Jessie Ware wear a turtleneck in her 'Running' video, so you already know. Everything she does is fierce.  [SHOUT OUT TO JESSIE WARE for inspiring this look!]




Song of the Day: Carolina | TEEN

Personally, I like the outfit with the turtleneck tucked out; gives it a modern grunge feel. The energetic drums in this song describes exactly how I feel while wearing this outfit.