Fall Essential: Suit Pants Part II

(Blazer: H&M, Top: Forever 21, Collar Chain: Topshop, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Zara)
Part II. 

For a semi formal look, I added a black blazer and sandal heels. I wanted to add a subtle touch of color so I chose to wear orange and gold heels. I'm obsessed with colors orange and black for fall, so you'll be seeing it a lot more in the posts to come. 

Seeing that the struggle is very real for recent grads, it can be challenging to sustain a certain style, especially if you have expensive taste. Personally if I could, I would purchased everything from Zara or All Saints, I love those stores. However, its not realistic for my budget (unleeeeess I get a sugar daddy or a fairy godmother, then everything is possible.) Generally,  I look for outfit ideas in magazines, Pinterest, blogs, catalogues, etc. and of course, I am always drawn to expensive clothing items, especially shoes. I'll then, research my favorite items for a couple of weeks and usually I'll find good deals or similar items for a lot less. Its been my mission to find the best deals, because in the end, trends come and go, and I have other financial responsibilities I need to be more attentive too. For Part I, the entire outfit was less than $60 and part II $115 (seeing that the heels were $50), leaving enough money on the side for concerts (my second vice) and happy hour. All of the pieces featured are items I could use in various combinations, which always makes dressing up in the morning a lot easier. 

Photo Credit: Rocio Robles!! Y'all should check her out, especially her Instagram (@rozaeey)  She travels a lot and has a great eye for all things, colorful and mysterious!

 Dev Hynes is someone y'all should be following. Not only is his music on point but is is also big in the fashion scene. Previously, he was the fashion advisor for Rocawear (zaaaaing). His Instagram is really good too, an insightful documentation of fashion, music and New York City (@devhynes)