Fall Essential: Pattern Suit Pants Part I

 (Black Top: Forever 21, Pattern Suit Pants: H&M, Shoes: Aldo)

Recently, I received a wardrobe reality check.

I was preparing for my first day of work and I was annoyed and stressed by my limited selection of business causal attire (the dress code for my workplace) which was instead occupied by an excessive  amount of crops tops, sheer blouses and skater shirts. I'm glad my employer can't see my closet. 

Personally, I HATE, HATE, um HATE dress pants. I just don't find them flattering for my body type. However, I came across the pattern suit pants featured above and I found the pattern easy to compliment a variety of colors and textures. With the simple combination of tops and accessories, these pattern suit pants can add a subtle detail of color  to a workplace outfit, making it effortlessly fun, energetic or creatively chic. Currently, the trend is ankle length suit pants which expose your shoes (my pride and joy) that therefore eliminates the awkward hemming or slight dragging of dress pants that infamously occur for petite women like myself. 

For this outfit, I keep it very simple with a black top since I wanted to pair the pants with bold cobalt shoes. The oxford shoes and collared blouse make this outfit causal and very comfortable. 

Since I previously associated business causal with (again) fugly dress pants, overly conservative blouses and itchy sweaters, I had a strong  opposition for business causal attire.  I was so used to wearing whatever I pleased, that the idea of changing my wardrobe  felt like I was sacrificing my freedom and part of my youth. 

"Chiillll, you can still rock your crop tops and obnoxious wedges on the weekend." 

You're right though. 
I guess I can have an style alter ego (for the weekends). 

(I'll be posting the semi-formal look for these pants (Part II)  later this week.)  


Song of the Day: Nightmares On Wax| Morse

I've been running to this song lately. How do they make that high pitch humming sound so good though?

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