Sweetest Kill

(White lace dress:H&M, Studded Black Ankle Boots: Aldo, Double Zipper Auburn Purse: Aldo)

Yesterday was a pretty chill Sunday, so I kept my outfit



On our way to the Lowrider Festival in Pilsen, my friend and I walked through an underpass on Cermak Rd. Naturally, when I see a desolate, dark and grungy (maybe a little shady) place, I instantly think photo shoot. I find shadows sexy. Weirdo. 

Apparently, I'm that creeper that smiles in the dark. 

I was just really happy to be with my friend. 

Song of the Day:

Sweetest Kill | Broken Social Scene

I mean, I am wearing a similar dress featured in the music video. Might as well listen to the song. Low key, this song makes me cry.

WARNING, The video is a liiiiittle disturbing. However, I still appreciate the artistic expression. 

Photos by

Dennise Ortega

 | Editing by A.R.C