New Music Tuesday

(Helado Negro at Do Division Fest, July 2013)

Helado Negro:

I am a HUGE fan of Helado Negro and have had the pleasure of meeting the solo artist, Roberto Lange, the two times I've seen him perform. He's so down to earth and humble that I became drawn to his music even more after meeting him. Today, he released his seventh EP, Island Universe Story Two and I encourage everyone to check it out.
In Dance Ghost, there is a slight evolution in his style which I congratulate him on. All of his music creates a relaxing atmosphere. For those few minutes of listening, I really do feel like I'm being transported somewhere fresh and calming (especially with tracks such as Junes, 2º Dias and Playas). That's pretty powerful for an artist. I am a little hearth broken (little is an understatement) that Helado Negro will not be coming to Chicago for his fall North American tour. I guuuuuess, I 'll see him in the winter/spring. 


This electro funk duo from Mexico grabbed my attention with their versatile beats and dynamic style of rapping/singing, which definitely adds more flavor to their music. Their compositions are upbeat, fun, quirky and (very) sensual. Many of their songs can be categorized as love grinding music and would be the perfect soundtrack for those late night car "dates." 

Alacrán reminded me of Rick Ross ( I was waiting for the huff) so I had to include it for giggles. I especially appreciate the sax solo. As if the overly sensual singing (whispering) was not romantic enough. 

Pan y Toro emerges from the Madrid punk scene which I found refreshing (I didn't know Madrid had a punk scene *hangs my head in shame). Their lyrics are a biiiiiit vulgar (I won't translate the word coña, y'all might be too sensitive). Despite their slightly immature lyrics, which carries a light sense of humor, their music makes me want to dance and that's what music should do.

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