New Music Tuesday

Ana Tijoux at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, Chicago 2012

I don't have a new outfit post to share. However, I will always have music to suggest.

Its been a while since I did research on Latino artists/bands. Man, I've been missing out.  If you don't understand Spanish, that's okay. Just hush and enjoy. Let the instruments be the language.


Recent Album:

Los Días Más Largos

This Chilean indie rock band has refined their sound in their new album 

Los Días Más Largos,

where I couldn't help but be captured by the dreamy vocals (slightly similar to Caveman), spontaneous syths (Si nadie abre) and instrumental pieces (reminiscent to Caspian). Anything that reminds me of Caspian is good to my ears *sighs. Just sayin.

Ana (Anita) Tijoux

Ana (also of Chilean descent) was born and raised in France and it is clear in her lyrics that she is greatly influenced by her parents whom were Chilean political exiles.

I saw Ana perform last year at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival and she's a powerful performer. She recently released this new single which has a different lyrical lens in comparison to her previously established free-spoken style (obviously, its a cover). I'm really digging this collaboration with Quantic.


After a five year hiatus from the recording studio they released their new single yesterday. Again, sigh. It's like they never left.

Hooooooowever, is that a bad thing? Should they have returned with something 'spankin new'? A different instrument, synths, a scream, something?

Nah, what I'm I saying. I probably would have been upset if they did...