Fierce Lolla Ladies

1. Jessie Ware 2. Jana Andevska (Thievery Corporation) 3. Cat Power 4. Lianne la Havas 5. Emeli Sandé 6. Lana del Rey  

Whether it was discovering new music, watching The Postal Service front row, attempting to rave dance at Perry's, singing along to The Cure or twerking to 2Chainz, every moment at Lolla was pure musical bliss. My thirst for live music was definitely quenched. 

However, aside from the music, I couldn't help but notice how GODDAMN FIERCE (*shakes finger) the performing ladies were. Their outfits were on point. Above, I featured some of the performing artists I had the opportunity of watching and I believed were among the fiercest.  Although the artists are not ranked by fierceness, it is my very strong opinion that Jessie Ware takes the trophy. 

(Not featured, but were kinda cute, Alice from Crystal Castles and Jenny from The Postal Service.) 

Jessie Ware

-  Since last summer I've had a ridiculously huge crush on Jessie Ware. Back in January I saw her at Lincoln Hall and I fell in love. Live, she captivates her audience with her quirky jokes, lovely British accent (that has anything she says make you smile), spontaneous winks and smiles to personal cameras and of course her perfectly pitched voice.  Jessie is definitely doing BIG THANGS as a performer at Lolla, which probably influenced her extra fierce outfit.  Jessie Ware has been known to regularly rock a crop top. However, this leather crop top paired with a water color floral kimono, drop crotch slacks and white loafers made this outfit unforgettable.  

Jana Andevska

- It was my first time listening to Thievery Corporation and after watching their dynamic performance I'm hooked! Jana caught my attention with her winged sleeve  dress and her face makeup, reminiscent of la Catrina or Dia de los Muertos art. Clearly, she was doing her. 

Cat Power

- I was only able to watching Cat Power for 15 minutes since The Cure was also performing. During that limited time her badass persona did not disappoint. This year we were blessed to have 70/80 degree weather at Lolla. However, I'm sure if it was hotter Cat Power would have still worn her leather jacket and kept her outfit all black (everythang). She gives no ...

Lianne la Havas

- It was my first time listening to her music and in addition to her soulful sound, her attire should not go unnoticed. Rockin' a white semi turtleneck crop top, printed  leggings and beige wedges she ranked second in the fierce scale. That sea green guitar though. 

Emeli Sandé

- She kept it causal which allowed for an energetic performance during Friday's heat. Her unexpected green tipped hair caught my attention.  

Lana del Rey

- Let me tell you. Being stuck (meaning I couldn't scratch an itch if I had one) among a crowd of bitchy girls ( yeah I said it) for 45 minutes, soaking in sweat and having obnoxious crowd surfers kick me in the head (BEFORE the set started; who are you?!) was not cute! Was it worth it.  Hell yeah.  Lana del Rey (sigh) was gorgeous as always. The picture needs no explanation. 

Who do you think was the fiercest at Lolla?