Fierce Friday

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On this week's very first "Fierce Friday" series post, I decided to feature the very vibrant and versatile, Solange Knowles. Do I really need to explain why?

Besides her very extremely great taste in shoes and her fearlessness in combining textures and patterns, Solange's soulful music are alluring compositions of love that has the Odyssey's Sirens jealous. 

Since her first album in 2003, it is clear in both style and music that she has transformed. And I'm feeling her a lot more now. Some of that transformation in her latest album True, may be attributed to her producer Dev Hynes (Blood Orange), who introduced a mature rhythm with some explosion of charming beats and a refine sense of self expression with simple lyrics (and of course a lot of synths). I love me some synths! A huge difference from her poppy sound in Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams (her second album). 

True captivates listeners through... Just listen to the album! 

I haven't had the pleasure of watching her live yet. When I do, oh, I'll let you know. She usually plays 17 and over shows, so they sell out quickly. Those thirsty 17 year olds.


My favorite song is Losing you of course. I tried coping her dance moves in the video. Yeah... I should just stick to the dougie. 

Solange has a blog too. Stalk her here

Enjoy and have a FIERCE weekend!

Fierce Fridays: Every Friday I'll feature a musician, artist, friend or random person I see on the street  that I feel embodies the word FIERCE, whether its in their talent or their outfit.