Eres Tú

Zara Dress (Spring Collection), Zara Shoes (Spring Collection)

Yellow makes me feel sassy (or like Tweety Bird). 

There's something about wearing bright colors that brings the confidence out of every woman, which I found to be perfect to wear for my graduation back in June. This fitted dress accentuates a woman's curves accordingly and is still comfortable strut in, even after a delicious dinner. The shoes add a fun pop of color and delicacy, with a glided gold back heel. Definitely an expression of great energy and city chic. 

Song of the Day:

Eres Tú | Carla Morrison

There's no other artist (to my knowledge) that sings so profoundly. Her humming can make anyone fall in love. I'm definitely in a good place when I hear her voice. I hope you fall in love as well. 

Photo Credit :

Rocio Robles