Refreshed Skin With the Glossier

Now that the cold is here, it is important to nourish and moisture the skin accordingly. A cult favorite, Glossier is our skin's new best friend. As an introduction to the brand, I decided to test out their Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, a detoxifying face mask that definitely kicks your skin into a better shape and Coconut Balm Dotcom, a baby skin balm that perfectly fits into any nook of your purse and rescues your skin from its most ashes moments. 

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is the skin's super food with orange extract, avocado oil, aloe, white kaolin clay, a fruit antioxidant blend and the greens; spinach and parsley. This mask nourishes, cleanses, calms inflammation, and detoxifies your skins by removing dirt buildup and excess oil (basically all bad skin vibes) while leaving your skins baby butt smooth after removing. I suffer from adult acne and after using this product for two months, I have seen an improvement. The mask does sting a bit once I fully apply it, but hey, its fighting all the bad vibes off, so I'll let it do its thing. 

Coconut Balm Dotcom is a skin balm that conditions and moisturizes your skin instantly.  This formula is dense so you only need a tiny bit to work its magic, which is great since this baby tube does sell out quickly. This skin thirst is very real. Also formulated with natural ingredients,( beeswax, castor oil, rice bran and rosemary leaf extract) this salve is versatile as a light illuminator for your cheekbones, a kiss worthy lip balm, or to patch up ashy spots on your hands enduring the cold.  

 Really, who can do ALL that for you? Only a true skin best friend.

If you have tried other Glossier products that need to be on my coveted list, let me know in the comments below!