3 Reasons Why You Should #jointhereformation

You may have come across celebrities and fashion bloggers on Instagram wearing a piece from the boutique brand Reformation, which has gain a large momentum in the fashion scene with its constant features on sites such as Who What Wear and Refinery29. However, I'm sure even after falling in love with every collection and lookbook they release, their prices may have woken you up from your perfect wardrobe daydream. As a person who likes to find affordable versions of designer pieces, I too found myself stalking their site, hoping their prices would drop so I wouldn't feel so guilty on spending so much on a causal dress. 


Back in June, I had the opportunity to check out one of their shops in Soho, N.Y.C. and let. me. tell. you. After trying on their pieces and seeing how they fit perfectly, I fell in love.   

Besides being obsessed with their branding, I decided I should share a few valid reasons to drink the Rosé and #jointhereformation. 


I have a petite frame, so it can be a struggle to find pieces (especially low cleavage blouses and dresses) that compliment my body without hemming or a quick stitch. Stores such as Zara are mass produced, therefore their sizing doesn't necessary compliment petites. However, Reformation understands the struggle and has released collections just for shorties. Their sizing chart also reveals how they cater to all body types and have even released the 'I'm up here' collection for "babes with boobs" as they describe it. So far, their dresses and bodysuits have been fitting like a glove! I don't need to worry about making adjustments and I have been feeling pretty confident wearing their pieces. 


Investment pieces help you condense your closet. In reality when you have less you will look great more often because you only have great pieces in your closet. However, as scouted on Pinterest, investment pieces, like a black dress can be seen as boring, or conservative to fit most occasions. Reformation offers those wardrobe staples only in a sexier version. The dress featured above was my summer staple and although I wore it almost once a week, I felt great each time. The manner in which Reformation styles their pieces reveals that they can be worn causally or done up, always leaving an alluring effortless look. 

Reformation prides themselves on the less is more mantra with their subtle take on trends. Therefore, you can use their pieces continuously, beyond the season's trend. Since their site is also filled with basics, it can be a great inspiration for daily outfits. 


Reformation is an eco-friendly clothing brand that uses repurposed vintage clothing and sustainable material,  manufactured in their own factory in L.A.  They are beyond sexy silhouettes. They truly strive to make a positive contribution to the environment by dramatically decreasing their environmental footprint. I highly recommend you check out their mission statement which also explains how they pride themselves in designing the best fit for women. You'll also receive a great understanding of their price points and will see the benefits of becoming a consumer; great clothes, doesn't kill the environment, the pieces last longer. 

If after sippin on the Rosé you finally feel convinced, their site is having a 30% off sale for Black Friday on select pieces. I recommend their dresses and bodysuits! Check it out and let me know what you think! 


Photography by Cristobal Mora | @fffinite