Style Tip: Over the Knee Boots

If you are tired of wearing medias (nylons), the over the knee boots is a great alternative and will instantly add edge to your look. However, there are some styling tips to consider when rockin these boots to ensure they don't over power your fit. 

STYLE TIP 1: Keep the distance between the hemline of the dress/skirt with the boot 5 inches or less. 

Revealing just a bit of skin is a lot more alluring and tasteful than leaving less for the imagination. The boots will already accentuate your legs, to there is no need expose your entire thigh. 

STYLE TIP 2: Pair the boots with clothing that either has a high neckline, maxi hemline, or long sleeves. 

Personally, when I am coordinating outfits, I like to create balance. If am wearing a low cleavage blouse, I'll complement it with pants or a skirt with a longer hemline. If I am wearing a short skirt, I'll wear a long sleeve top. SInce over the knee boots, are already edgy, again, I don't feel there's a need to wear very revealing clothing. Over the knee boots look the sexist in my opinion when worn with a long sleeve dress that has low cleavage and at times turtleneck dress work great as well. 

STYLE TIP 3: If you are feeling really bold, try lampshading; a new style trend that has become popular among celebrities. Lampshading is wearing a pair of over the knee boots with a broad hemline that hits above or right at the top of the shoes. 

Although most streetstyle photos show over the knee boots worn with dresses or skirts, these showstoppers can also complete a jean and simple top look too. Don't feel intimidated to experiment!

Although everyone including myself would kill to get a pair of the Stuart Weitzman Highland Boot, below are some great affordable alternatives! 

Over the Knee Boots : Zara / Faux Leather Skirt: Zara/ Black Off Shoulder Blouse : H&M/ Circle Pursue: H&M/ Skinny Scarf: Zara 


Alexandra Castro