Mermaids & Desires is a creative platform featuring insight on fashion trends, styling tips and beauty advice. 

Hey! I'm Alexandra Castro, an ex-mermaid, designer, creative and blogger. With a degree in Public Relations and Advertising, I find myself passionate about visual language and its power to inspire and impact the lives of others. As an aspiring creative director, I began my Chicago based blog, Mermaids & Desires as a creative outlet to capture my inspirations through the lens of design and fashion. 

Besides expanding my portfolio and improving my design skills, I genuinely want to inspire. Recently, I have shifted my focus in topics to become more helpful and insightful instead of just posting what I wear. I want Mermaids & Desires to become the source for a budget friendly, fashion forward style through the inspiration of visual narratives. 

What do you like the most about fashion?
M&D: I like that fashion is organic, its ever changing; so it allows growth. Fashion has history and is inspired by movements or ideas, so it great that we carry those movements through our choices of self expression, in this case clothes. 

You have a blog called Mermaids & Desires; what is the story behind that name?
M&D: A while back, I was brainstorming tattoos ideas. I had recently seen Jeremy Scott's "yes" tattoo in an interview video and I wanted a text tattoo with a similar typeface (design nerd). So I was playing around with words, until one day I was hanging out with my best friend and she mentioned this photo album I had titled Melodies and Desires, it was a tribute to the song by Lykke Li. So we switched out 'melodies' with Mermaids, since I have an obsession with mermaids. Later on that summer, I had decided to use that idea to name my blog.

What quote would you give someone if they were looking for inspiration?
M&D: Embrace change. My style has changed significantly throughout the years, and more so since I have started this project and I am proud of that. Many might think that constant change is a sign of unstableness or uncertainty. However, I believe that change brings us closer to the truth. Something as small as change in style can lead us to determine what makes us feel confident. By experimenting or being open to change we are closer to knowing ourselves and feeling positive about our choices throughout all aspects of life.